Called ahead to have everything prepped since It was a long drive to the shop from my home. When I arrived I picked out my helmet and gloves and was told I would get a discount on the items. I was checked out and I didn't see a discount, I asked the sales member if he applied it and he said yes. I look at receipt and the pricing was the same as on the helmet itself. To save time I had to have my friend with me get the discount applied back to me since it was near closing and they wanted me to finish the paperwork. So all the paperwork was done, the store had closed to the general public, and I was told by my salesman that they can't get the bike started, and I would have to return tomorrow morning. I told them this was unacceptable and would just rather purchase another bike. I wound up buying another bike, and no discount was given even though the bike i wanted was not running (and that I called hours earlier to start getting it prepped.) I did my due diligence to ensure a timely checkout, it seems the shop didn't do theirs.
Shawn Gell
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